IACAZ does not support a foreign war, nor does it support an appeasement policy towards Iran. Our goal is to promote a third option in dealing with the Iran, one which supports the Iranian people’s struggle for democratic change. We hope to serve as a platform and resource for Iranian-Americans working on human rights issues and standing in solidarity with the Iranian people for democratic change in Iran.

Iranian American community of Arizona, supports a secular, democratic, non-nuclear republic in Iran. After fleeing Iran’s barbaric theocracy, thousands of our Iranian-American compatriots built new lives here in the United States, and gained a personal appreciation for the profound virtues of democracy, individual liberty, and freedom of conscience as enshrined in the United States Constitution.

No version, form, or faction of the current regime represents the Iranian people or their democratic aspirations. The current regime must therefore be replaced in its entirety: by the people of Iran and their organized resistance.

Brief History

Fleeing from the barbaric theocracy in their homeland, Iranian-Americans have successfully established themselves in the United States, enjoying professional, scientific, and financial prosperity. Iranian-Americans have benefited from long held virtues that have been enablers of their success in America and motivate their continued interest in their homeland’s disposition.

Over a hundred years ago, Iranians orchestrated what ultimately developed into a constitutional revolution. The latter provided for the beginning of a democratic framework, more equality for women, and national sovereignty. In 1953, Iranian people again rebelled against foreign intervention and corruption through democratic elections, leadership of former Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, and a democratically elected parliament. Some 30 years later, with the 1979 revolution, the people of Iran once more rejected dictatorship — this was a democratically inspired revolution that was unfortunately hijacked by the current clerical dictators in Iran.

Embracing and struggling for democracy is therefore a natural phenomenon for all Iranians. Iranian people and Iranian-American alike deeply covet democratic values. We have long supported separation of religion from state; societal choice through democratic elections; respect for human rights; freedom of religion and assembly; and the U.N. charter. Accordingly, activism for freedom and democracy in Iran has been a central component of our community’s life in exile.


Senator McCain

Iranian American Community of Arizona, is proud to endorse the candidacy of Senator John McCain for re-election to the U.S. Senate.  We applaud his unsurpassed record of courage, integrity, and service to country, and we are gratified to stand with him.

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